About Fleamonster:

Fleamonster is Singapore's biggest Singapore flea market organisor. We hold fleamarkets, roadshows and bazaar at various shoppings malls and outdoor spaces. We also provide pushcarts at strategic locations.

If you are looking for a flea market singapore or a bazaar singapore, look no further and scroll down for all our scheduled venues. New venues will be updated promptly so do check in frequently to see our latest flea markets.

Increasing "Facebook Likes":

Do you have a facebook page or website?

Struggling to increase your facebook likes to increase brand recognition and increase customer confidence in your products? 

Having very few "Likes, Followers, or Views" on Facebook can make your product or website appear to be fairly new and not yet reputable and customers might think that a rival/competitor business with more likes will be a better and trusted choice.

We are now partnering with a Social Media Expert who can now increase your facebook likes on your facebook page. Want to have a Facebook like with over 20k likes on your page like this below?

Benefits of Increasing your facebook likes:

  • Studies prove that an increased social presence can also benefit website rankings and brand exposure.
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Please find below the promotional rates that we have:

2000 likes - Usual rate:$100      Promo: $38

4000 likes - Usual rate:$200     Promo: $65

8000 likes - Usual rate:$400    Promo: $109

Contact us today to increase your "Facebook Likes" and gain increased customer confidence to buy your products!

Push Carts/ Retail Kiosks:

Upcoming Ramadan Bazaar Events @ Downtown East in 2014:

  1. Ramadan Food and Fashion Bazaar @ Downtown East - 8th to 25th July 2014 ( 18 days) @ Downtown East Mall - $775  (Early bird price if register by 30th May (extended)-  $575 only!)  The Alley, Level 1  Downtown East

Upcoming Events @ Downtown East in 2014:

  1. April Fleamarket @ Downtown East - 3rd to 6th April 2014 ( Thur to Sun, 4days) @ Downtown East Mall - $220 for all 4 days
    The Alley, Level 1 (in front of KFC) Downtown East
  2. June School Holiday Fleamarket @ Downtown East - 16th to 20th June 2014 ( Mon to Fri, 5 days) @ Downtown East Mall - $300 for all 5 days(incl. Peak Period Surcharges) The Alley, Level 1 (in front of KFC) Downtown East
  3. October Festivals Fleamarket @ Downtown East - 16th to 19th October 2014 ( Thur to Sun, 4days) @ Downtown East Mall - $220 for all 4 days
    The Alley, Level 1 (in front of KFC) Downtown East
  4. Year End Fleamarket @ Downtown East - 6th to 9th Novemer 2014 ( Thur to Sun, 5 days) @ Downtown East Mall - $220 for all 4 days  The Alley, Level 1 (in front of KFC) Downtown East
Upcoming Events @ Alexandra Retail Centre in 2014:

  1. Year End December Kids/Baby Fair @ Alexandra Retail Centre - 15th to 21st December 2014 ( Mon to Sun, 7days) - $550 for all 7 days

Upcoming Events @ Changi City Point in 2014:

September School Holiday Baazaar @ Changi City Point -

8th to 14th September 2014 ( Mon to Sun, 7days) - $550 for all 7 days

Contact us at sales@fleamonstersg.com to get your booths today!

Government Assistance ICV/PIC Schemes:

As we have had a number of vendors recently asking us the go-abouts about PIC and ICV government assistance schemes for Small and Medium businesses, please read through below if you guys need assistance and have no idea how to make your claims.

We will break this down so it is easy to segregate which government assistance schemes you can claim.

PIC Claims:

  • Government will give a dollar for a dollar matching up to 15k. Meaning if you spent 15k on eligible claims, you get 15k back as bonus. (ending this year for the bonus)
  • Government will give you 60% (up to 100k) for eligible claims. Meaning if you spent 15k, you get 9k back.
  • In short, if you spent 15k you will get: 15k bonus + 9k(60% pic claims) = 24k back.



  • Business should be registered in Singapore
  • A minimum of 3 employees
  • Employees approved for Central Provident Fund contribution

Qualifying Activities:

The PIC grant allows companies to enjoy nearly 400% allowances or tax deductions. Companies that qualify for this grant can also get 60% cash payouts. The Singapore government requires companies to engage in one of six activities to qualify for the grant. I will only mention 2 activities below which are relevant for you generally:

• Leasing or buying PIC automation equipment (eg laptop, handphone, printer, website, mobile apps, full list here: http://www.iras.gov.sg/irasHome/uploadedFiles/News_and_Events/Singapore_Budget_-_Tax_Changes/Budget_2010/PIC%20Automation%20Equipment%20List%20%28as%20at%20270911%29.pdf)

• Training employees


How we can help?:

If you have 3 staffs that you are paying salary with CPF contributions and you have not done any PIC claims, do contact us at hendra@fleamonstersg.com and I will do my best to assist you to make full use of up to 100k PIC claims + 15k bonus. Take note the 15k bonus is ending this year, so take action quickly!

Contact us if you need help on your claims.


*Below is the 2nd option if you do not have 3 staffs and you are working alone as a sole-proprietor company.

ICV Claims:

A few areas that you can claim on but I will only touch on productivity solutions. The supportable cost categories we can help you on is on "Technical solutions and Training" which includes website and mobile apps. If you do not have a website, we can assist you to claim $5000 to use this voucher to get a professional website done. If you already have a website, we can assist you to claim $5000 to use this voucher to get your very own mobile apps for your  customer to get updated on your latest products.


  • Registered and operating in Singapore 
  • Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding 
  • Have group annual turnover of not more than $100 million OR group employment size of not more than 200 employees 

How we can help?:

If you do not have any staffs and need a website to have an online presence, we can help you to get your website design professionally via this $5k grant. If you already have a website, you can still claim this $5k to create your own mobile app.

PS: In any of the above case, regardless if you have staffs or not, and have not made any PIC or ICV claims, then please contact us immediately if you need help on this assistance scheme which is meant to help small and medium businesses.

Fleamonster Caricature Gifts:

Want to give a gift for your loved ones for any occasion? Why not give them a customised caricature drawing of themselves?

Great for:

Birthday presents

Wedding presents

Father's Day/Mother;s Day

Festive seasons


Family Gift

Employee Gift


Order your Customised Caricature Gift in 2 easy steps:


Step 1: Email to us at sales@fleamonstersg.com on your requirements eg. 1 pax full body with background in color pencil @ $49 and attached a picture for the artwork


Step 2: Make payment to us at POSB SAV 150-116511 and email to us the receipt as proof of payment


We will send you the hardcopy of the caricature in A4 size within 7 to 12 days.

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